Lawn Maintenance Services in Oakville and Mississauga

Your home deserves to look its best. This is beneficial not only for equity purposes and value retention but also to ensure you make the most of your personal outdoor paradise. At Dependable Lawn Care, we’re excited to offer local residential lawn maintenance services in Mississauga and Oakville.

Our team is deeply passionate about delivering best-in-class, dependable service, just as our name and reputation imply. We treat each client’s needs as a unique opportunity to make beautiful, healthy lawns happen, a direct result of our carefully scheduled range of services. Whether you need us to take care of the mowing, fertilizing, weeding and/or trimming, we’re happy to help.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Do away with pesky weeds, keep your grass sufficiently aerated and clean, and enjoy a beautifully manicured yard with our weekly lawn maintenance services in Oakville and Mississauga. There’s no need to lift a finger or give up quality time with the little ones (or a good book on the patio), and we ensure there’s plenty of reason to enjoy and admire your home’s landscaping to the fullest. We’re happy to schedule recurring lawn maintenance visits on a weekly basis, based entirely on your preferences and needs.

Lawn Care Services

We offer several residential lawn care services, including the following:


Clean lines, no edges left to chance, and proper equipment use and maintenance come standard with our mowing services. We arrive fully prepared, professionally equipped, and when you expect us to be there. Our team has several years of practical experience behind them, and they love what they do. Let us know if you have any special requirements for how your grass is cut.


Appearances aren’t everything. We know that proper lawn maintenance is important in order to ensure lasting, beautiful, and healthy results. This is where our fertilizing services come in, which aim to keep your lawn in optimal condition no matter how you intend to use it. We’re prepared to apply fertilizer as needed – typically three to four times when in season – to promote thick, healthy grass. For further assistance, ask us about our Lawn CPR multi-step program, offering extra care.

Weeding and Trimming

Begone, troublesome weeds. We make short work of them with thorough removal services including weed-whacking and manual removal as needed. Additionally, we’re happy to perform detail-driven trimming services if you require them, making those favourite shrubs on the lawn stand out as beautiful decorative pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to work within your schedule requirements, so if you need weekly lawn care services, you can count on us. If you need us less frequently, that’s no problem either. During the summer months or in instances when it’s hard to keep up with regular care, we recommend implementing our weekly lawn maintenance services. This ensures a healthier, happier lawn and greater peace of mind. We’ll also provide recommendations on what would be best for your sod, shrubbery, so you can make well-informed maintenance decisions.

Our residential lawn care services include weekly or as-scheduled mowing, fertilizing, weeding and trimming. For additional assistance, such as to replace sod or otherwise, feel free to send us an email or call the team. We’re happy to help!

It’s possible, yes. However, this depends on a variety of factors, including whether your lawn suffers from excessive moisture, insufficient aeration, has low-quality seed, and otherwise. Our lawn maintenance services are carefully optimized and implemented to promote a healthier, happier lawn, and we’ve brought back many from satisfied clients over the years. This helps to avoid the need for replacement sod or other more intensive landscaping measures, though we can assist with these as well.

The best practice in general is to perform a weekly mowing of all lawn elements during growing season (meaning the front, back, and sides of the house). Don’t mow more frequently than this as, otherwise, you run the risk of developing barren patches.

No grass should be left untouched during a mowing, which promotes consistently ideal length, appearance, and especially health. When not in growing season, it’s typically safe for your lawn to mow it a little less frequently.

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